"Learn How To Build An Attractive DIY Chicken Coop
That You Can Easily Move Around Your Backyard
Giving Your Chickens New Sources Of Food
And Giving Your Family
The Freshest, Most Delicious Eggs In Town



What is a "DIY Chicken Tractor"?
DIY Chicken Tractor Nest


  • "DIY" means you can build it yourself
  • A "Tractor" is a moveable chicken coop
Building a Backyard Chicken Tractor will be one of the best investments that you will ever make. Not only will you have one of the freshest sources of food possible, but you will also have a self-sustaining mobile-farm capable of recycling your food scraps, fertilizing and aerating your yard and giving your family hours of enjoyment!




What makes our design better?
DIY Chicken Tractor Side


  • It's attractive, and it doesn't look like a coop!
  • Integrated chicken run protects hens while they exercise
  • Multiple doors give you easy access

Fortunately, building a chicken tractor in your backyard is not as hard as you might think. Our DIY Guide steps you through the entire process including a shopping list, cut list and step-by-step, fully-illustrated assembly instructions. All you need to have is a saw, drill, screw driver and access to a hardware store.

It probably goes without saying, but our guide is Made In The USA, so you know it will be thorough and easy to read - very different from most of the assembly instructions you have read in the past!




How many hens can you raise comfortably?
DIY Chicken Tractor Top


  • Up to 4 hens fit comfortably in the basic coop design
  • Easily increase capacity to 6-8 hens by lengthening the coop

You will quickly realize that your new DIY project is a wise investment. Based on our research, using our plans to build a coop on your own will save you about 50% compared to the cost of purchasing a pre-assembled coop. If your family is anything like mine, saving money is important, and there is no need to pay someone else to build something you can easily build on your own. And, don't forget the FREE fresh, tasty eggs your new coop with help you grow!




Why would I want to move my coop?
DIY Chicken Tractor Wheels
  • Access fresh food for your hens - they love vegetation and grubs
  • Limit yard damage that chickens cause if left in one place for too long
  • Evenly distribute fertilizer, otherwise known as chicken manure



Are You Ready To Get Started?

We would normally charge...


For our DIY Plans plus three eBooks

However, we thought it would be nice to include the ebooks for FREE!

So, here's what you get...


DIY Chicken Tractor Assembly Guide ($19.99)

  • Buying Materials (sources, detailed shopping list, etc.)
  • Cutting the Wood (cut lists, diagrams, templates, etc.)
  • Priming and Painting (color schemes, best types of paint, etc.)
  • Building the Primary Frame (primary exterior structure)
  • Building the Nesting Box (place your chickens will lay their eggs)
  • Building the Hen House (place for your birds to sleep)
  • Building the Access Windows (access the chicken run)
  • Building the Sides (attractive slat wall)
  • Final Touches (make it look perfect)


FREE Building Chicken Coops eBook ($19.99 value)

  • Sizing Your Coop (space requirements, egg output, etc.)
  • Best Location (protect your flock, access natural foods, etc)
  • Space Requirements (free range, chicken runs, etc)
  • Main Components (pens, hen house, nesting boxes, etc.)


FREE Raising Chickens eBook (19.99 value)

  • Why Raise Chickens? (pros and cons)
  • Economics (cost estimates for food, etc.)
  • Effort Required (time requirements, etc.)
  • Food and Supplies (store bought, kitchen scraps, etc.)
  • Buying Live Chickens (where to buy chicks, etc.)
  • How Many Roosters and Hens? (sizing your flock, etc.)
  • Chicken Breeds (costs, egg producers, meat producers, etc.)


For only $19.99

(Save 67%!)

And, feel secure with our 30-day money back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you feel that the $19.99 you spent at DIY Chicken Tractors is not a worthwhile investment, simply let us know and we will promptly refund the full purchase price.


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